Nadal 6-17-5 Federer 2012 Abu Dhabi Final Highlights

January 5, 2012 by
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Nadal 6-1 / 7-5 Federer 2012 Abu Dhabi Final Highlights

2012 hasn’t even started properly and Rafael Nadal clashed with Roger Federer. The two superstars played their first encounter of the season in Abu Dhabi on January 1st. The match counted as a 3rd place battle of the Abu Dhabi Exhibiton Tournament.

Nadal won the encounter in straight sets, 6-1, 7-5. It’s worth to mention that neither of the two legends was at it’s peak. Obviously they will look for optimal shape in mid January to be ready to make a bid for the Australian Open title.

Federer seemed to take the clash very easy. He did not put to much effort in the first set and lost 1-6. The second act was balanced and both players went head to head until 5-5. The Spaniard broke and served for the match and a motivating start to the new season.

Both Nadal and Federer are playing now in Qatar where the Swiss Champion aims to defend his ATP Doha title. We will provide you with the highlights of the final as soon as available. In the mean time watch the best points of the Abu Dhabi Final in the above embedded video.


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